The trading card game market is an extremely fast moving one and as such, prices are constantly fluctuating. For this reason, we do not offer refunds due to price changes if your order has already been processed. 


That being said, we do want our customers to feel comfortable ordering with us so we have a few policies implemented for these special cases:


Pre-orders pricing policy:


You may request a partial refund starting at the launch date and the following week if some of your items have dropped in price during the pre-ordering season. We will base the refund based on the price on the launch date.


Simply send us a list of your affected items in a service ticket.


Banned cards announcements:


You may request a full refund if you purchased banned items within 2 weeks of an official announcement. Simply open a service ticket with us and we will give you instructions on how to process the return.


Price spiking & Missed Sales:


In the event that a price changes dramatically overnight, you may request a partial refund if your order was placed within 48 hours of the spike. Simply open a service ticket with us requesting one.