Humidity from the shipping process can curl cards slightly but should revert to normal after a few days. This type of curling should be very minimal however. Anything more might indicate a different underlying issue. Please open a service ticket if that is the case and we will gladly assist you!


Additionally, supplementary products foils are known to curl heavily and not accounted for in their grading. These cards are generally not tournament legal for this very reason and all concerns should be addressed to the company(**) directly. This should not affect regular set foils.


Supplementary products includes, but are not limited to:

  • Commander Decks Foils

  • From the Vault, Secret Lair and Premium Deck Series

  • Box Toppers

  • Special sets (Commander Legends, Modern Masters, etc)

  • Pokemon and Yugioh Tins exclusive promo

  • Pokemon boxes exclusive promos

  • Some other FNM/league cup promos

Please note that we are not responsible for manufacturing defects. All queries need to be directed to the appropriate party.

Manufacturing defects include, but is not limited to:

  • Heavily warped cards from a sealed product
  • Miscuts from a sealed product
  • Damage / Printing defects from a sealed product
  • Missing items from a sealed product
  • Manufacturing defects from sleeves, deck boxes and portfolios


** Outside customer service links


Wizards of the Coast

The Pok√©mon Company 

Konami (For Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Dragon Shield

Ultimate Guard